Aussie dogs are tough – and they need tough dog toys.  Do you have a dog who likes to destroy toys, chew, chase and jump?  Do you bring home a new dog toy only to find it destroyed in minutes?  If the answer is yes then Aussie Dog toys are the tough toys for you. 

Aussie Dog toys are 100% Australian made.  Aussie Dog has been making safe and durable toys for years.  They even make toys for zoo animals and horses so you know they know the definition of a ‘tough toy’.

The design of the dog toys are unlike anything else you’ll find.  The toys are specifically designed to stimulate your dog's natural behaviours like hunting, chasing and foraging.  These toys are used by veterinarians, zoos and people all around the world for dog training and stimulation.

All Aussie Dog Toys float as well – so they’re perfect for day trips to the beach or lake.  There’s a range to choose from and you’ll find one to suit all sizes and breeds.  To select the first one for your dog start with an activity you know they like and go from there.  Here’s a bit more information on some of the types of toys they have available:


  • Tucker Balls – a tough ball you can fill with dry food or their favourite dog treats to keep them busy for ages! 
  • Staffy Balls – the Staffy Ball is legendary and made for the hardest player of them all. Comes with a 12 month warranty.
  • Enduro Balls - The ultimate hard wearing ball, a dog toy for the hardest players of all! These balls are so tough that they balls come with a 12 month warranty.


  • Tugathong – the Tugathong is a tough tug toy made from high quality fire hose.  The unique flexible thong can twist AND tug for an extra fun game of tug with your dog.
  • Home Alone Entertainers – the Home Alone Dog Toy entertains your dog as a dog food dispenser toy and a tug dog toy. You hang it up and it acts like a bungy tug of war. It dispenses treats during play.

Fetch Toys

  • Soft Disc -  a  flexible and fun fetch toy that will float on water and is gentle to catch.
  • Slapathong -  a fetch toy that is a safe alternative to sticks. Made from high quality fire hose.

Aussie Dog Toys might cost a little more than ‘normal’ dog toys – but you know you they will last.  Some of the toys even come with 6 or 12 month warranty – so it’s worth the investment.  How many other dog toys can offer that!

Aussie Dog Toys are one of the safest toys in the world.  You and your pets will love them!

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