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Interceptor Spectrum Blue 22-45kg 3 pack

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Use Interceptor to prevent heartworm and to help control roundworm, whipworm, tapeworm and many hookworm infections as well. Each pack contains a 3 month supply. Suitable for dogs weighing from 22 to 45kg.

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  • Interceptor Spectrum Blue 22-45kg 3 pack


INTERCEPTOR® Spectrum is a convenient and simple way to protect your dog against heartworm and the major intestinal worms. One delicious beefy flavoured tablet once a month all year round is all it takes to give your dog a lifetime of protection against even the most dangerous worms.


  • Most infected dogs may not show any signs of disease for several years.
  • Spread by mosquitos which means all dogs are potentially at risk.
  • Can cause death, heart disease and organ failure.

Intestinal Worms


  • Infects most puppies before birth or while nursing.
  • Roundworm are present in most puppies when born and can also be picked up by dogs from the environment.
  • Infection in children could cause abdominal organ damage, and blindness in extreme cases.


  • Larvae can be swallowed or penetrated through the skin.
  • Can cause bloody diarrhoea in dogs leading to anaemia, and in extreme cases death.
  • People become infected by walking on contaminated ground, or licking soil contaminated fingers. 


  • Eggs picked up from the soil are passed through faeces of infected dogs.
  • Can cause anaemia and dehydration in affected animals.
  • Whipworm frequently evade detection. 


  • Live in the small intestine.
  • Can irritate the anal region of your dog and may cause them to “scoot” along the ground.
  • The hydatid tapeworm can pose a serious risk to humans. 
Product Type No
Health Need Heartworm, Intestinal Worming
Brand Interceptor

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