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Heartgard Plus Chewables Blue

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Heartworm disease can be totally prevented. Use Heartgard Chewables for heartworm protection. Great for pooches that won't take a tablet easily. Controls roundworms and hookworms too. 6 chewables. Monthly dose.

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  • Heartgard Plus Chewables Blue


Protect them from deadly heartworm disease with the chewable treat.

Why Guard Against Heartworm Disease?
Protecting your dog or cat from heartworm infection is critical because the disease caused by this parasite is usually fatal without diagnosis and treatment. Even with diagnosis, treatment can be dangerous and expensive and may not reverse some of the damage already caused by the heartworm.

What are Heartworms?
Heartworms are large parasites (up to 30cm long in dogs) that live in the heart and main blood vessels of the lungs of dogs and cats. They are spread between infected dogs and cats by mosquitoes.

Are all Dogs and Cats at Risk?
Heartworm infection is now found throughout mainland Australia, in both dogs and cats. While the disease is less common in cats they are still at risk. Infection in cats is difficult to diagnose; often the only sign is sudden death. It is also difficult to treat. Heartworm infection is not confined to areas where mosquitos are in high concentrations. It only takes one infected pet moving into a new area to introduce the infective larvae. Puppies and kittens can be bitten by mosquitos from soon after birth, so the heartworm preventative you use from the recommended age of 6 weeks, should control infections acquired earlier.

Why is Heartworm Disease Dangerous?
Heartworm live in the heart and blood vessels of the lungs, interfere with circulation and damage tissues, eventually causing heart failure. Left untreated, this can result in the death of your pet. Importantly, in the early stages of infection no symptoms are evident. Once signs are observed the disease will be well advanced. The first signs may include persistent coughing, laboured breathing, lethargy (laziness), rapid tiring during exercise and a swollen abdomen.

How is Heartworm Infection Diagnosed?
Your veterinarian can test for heartworm infection using a small blood sample. This should be done periodically to ensure that your preventative program is effective. Ask your veterinarian for advice.

How Can Heartgard Plus Chewables Prevent Deadly Heartworm Disease?
Fortunately, prevention of heartworm infection is straightforward. The best preventatives are given once a month, either as a tablet or as a meaty chewable treat that your pets will actually enjoy eating, even your cat! These chewables can also provide control of roundworms and hookworms, the most significant intestinal parasites of dogs and cats. Because your pet will enjoy eating it's meaty chewable, you can be sure that it is protected and because it is available only from your vet, you know it will be 100% effective. Daily pills for dogs must be given every day and even then they may be no more than 90% effective. Unlike monthly preventatives, if daily tablets are missed for 2-3 days, infection can occur. For these reasons monthly preventatives are clearly the best.

Helping You Remember When to Give Heartgard Plus Chewables
Heartguard Plus Chewables come with a supply of handy reminder stickers for your calendar, so you know when you gave the last dose and when the next one is due.

Do 'Allwormers' Prevent Heartworm?
No, not all wormers prevent heartworm so please check with your veterinarian that you are using a heartworm preventative product.

When Should I Start Using Heartgard?
Ideally from 6 weeks of age, at or about the time of first vaccination. Use of a monthly chewable preventative for the rest of your pet's life will ensure that it is 100% protected against heartworm infection and disease.


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