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DogIt Fresh N Clear Drinking Fountain


Quick Overview

The DogIt Fresh & Clear Cat Drinking Fountain provides your dog with a continuous indoor source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water that will encourage your pet to drink more water.  Some pets will refuse to drink still water - so the drinking fountain is the ideal solution.  It also holds a massive 6L of water so is suitable for multi-dog households and larger dogs.

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  • DogIt Fresh N Clear Drinking Fountain
  • DogIt Fresh N Clear Drinking Fountain


Benefits of the DogIt Fresh N Clear Water Fountain for Dogs

  • The cool filtered water provides your pet with a multitude of inherent health benefits.  Dogs need to drink water every day to stay healthy- and moreso in summer.
  • The fountain is elevated to provide a better drinking position - so it's ideal for large breeds, older dogs or dogs with arthritis, muscle and joint problems who struggle with lower bowls. 
  • Perfect for multiple dogs households. The fountain holds nearly 6L of water so you know they wont run out when you're not there.
  • The continuous flow of the water prevents stale, stagnant water from occurring, so your dogs will love staying hydrated knowing that they are getting fresh tasting, clean water from their fountain. 
  • Virtual silent running - so you wont even notice it is there.  Quieter than the fridge!
  • Contains multi-stage filtration cartridge system that collects debris, food, hair and sediment keeping your dogs water clean and fresh.
Bowl Size Large, Medium
Usage Indoor, Outdoor
Product Type Fountain, Waterers
Brand Dogit

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  1. The best drinking fountain! Review by Lesley

    I have 2 dogs and 2 cats who like using this fountain. I had previously tried the Drinkwell fountain but found it noisy and impossible to clean properly. This fountain is almost silent and incredibly easy to take apart and clean (like rinsing out a bowl) so it doesn't need special cleaning brushes like the other one. In addition, the extra height means my dogs don't drip water everywhere each time they drink and the cats took to it straight away. The large capacity means I never have to worry about it running dry while I'm at work. If you're looking to get a drinking fountain for your pets then this is the one! (Posted on 3/06/2013)

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