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Cat Mint

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Cat Mint is a natural flowering mint which cats absolutely love.  Its easy to grow and has lovely colourful lavender flowers.  Cats love to roll in it driving them crazy and giving a natural high when sniffed.

Cat Mint contains a small amount of volatile oil which has a component called nepetalactone.  This is the component the cats are fond of and it gets released when the plant is bruised (or rolled upon) or dried.  It's like a feline aphrodisiac for your cat!

  • Easy to grow
  • Cats love to roll in it
  • Enhance your pets health
  • Quick germination 7-14 days
  • Looks great in any garden
  • Colourful lavender flowers

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  • Cat Mint


Cat Mint is known for its feline aphrodisiac like effect which is released when the leaves are bruised which happens naturally when the cat rolls and plays in the plant.  Cat Mint contains a small amount of volatile oil which has a component called 'nepetalactone'.  Nepetalactone is what gives this stunning plant its feline aphrodisiac properties.  

Although not having quite as much nepetalactone as Cat Nip, Cat Mint is still highly effective and is prefered by some felines as the plant is more suitable for rolling in, than Cat Nip which has a more upright growth habit.

Cat Mint is a low growing (30 to 45cm high) perennial (grows year round) with attractive lavender coloured flowers.  
It can be grown in most climates, in full sun to partial shade.  However, when in a full sun position the flowers have more fragrance.

Flavour Grass
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