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Is your dog slowing down?

2/06/2013 9:30 am | Posted in Dogs & Puppies Dog Health By

Pets Unleashed

Is your dog slowing down? Does the colder weather slow them down even more?

Arthritis and joint pain is common in dogs as they age – and typically we start to see the signs from 7 years of age and onwards. An unwillingness to go upstairs, jump into the car, or chase the ball with the vigour and energy that they used to are typical signs of aging and joint discomfort.

As with all of us age does eventually take its toll on our pets. And like us, they may need a little help with controlling pain and improving their quality of life.

So how can you help once you’ve seen the signs?

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How do dogs & cats get heartworm disease?

20/01/2013 2:32 pm | Posted in Dogs & Puppies Cats & Kittens Dog Health By

Pets Unleashed

With warmer weather comes mosquitoes - and with mosquitoes comes the risk of heartworm disease for our pets.  Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease and just one bite can be deadly.  The best way to prevent heartworm disease is to use a heartworm preventative all year round.

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Tick Prevention - Better than a Cure

21/10/2012 8:21 pm | Posted in Dogs & Puppies Cats & Kittens Dog Health By

Pets Unleashed

Prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to protecting your pet from ticks - and protecting your pet with an effective paralysis tick control product is essential.  So what product should you use?  It can be a bit confusing - and "all the flea, tick and worming products sound the same" [Advantix, Advocate, Advantage, etc. etc.]

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Recognising Signs of Ill Health in Your Bird

23/06/2011 5:54 am | Posted in Birds By

Pets Unleashed Admin

Is your bird a picture of health or does it look more like a feather duster with an identity crisis? Recognising when your bird is unwell is important because by the time it looks unwell it can be in serious strife. The following information may help to ensure you treat your feathered friend quickly should it be suffering from an illness.

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