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Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy

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Home Alone Dog Entertainer Toy - Medium
Home Alone Entertainer Dog Toy Large

Quick Overview

For the dog that destroys anything - the washing, the plants, barking, boredom, separation anxiety...or just wants to have fun!

Home Alone Dog Toy entertains your dog as a dog food dispenser toy and a tug dog toy. Hang it up for hours of bungy tug of war fun. The dog pulls the toy down upon releasing grip the toy will spring up exciting the dog who will continue to try catch the bite and drag the toy down. You can place a small amount of food in the ball which will dispense during play.

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  • Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy
  • Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy


The Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy is a tough dog treat toy for dogs that require a food stimulus to make them play place a small amout of dog treats in the ball, making a fuss so the dog can see what you're doing. In the dog's attempt to to reach the food by pulling the grip food will fall around the dog and it will release it's grip to get the food. The assembly will spring back above it's head.

 Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy Size Recommendations:

  • Medium for dogs 10-30kg - Border Collies, Cattle Dogs, Kelpies and Schnauzers. Please note, this is the smallest recommended HA for Staffordshire Terriers.
  • Large for dogs 30-50kg - For dogs 30-50kg with "large bite" Including Boxers, Spaniels, Setters, Pointers, Dobermanns and Airedales.


Liver Jerky 100g

Liver Jerky 100g

Product Type Interactive, Ropes, Tough
Dog Size Large, Medium
Brand Aussie Dog

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