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About Us

How We Started - over 10 years ago

Pets Unleashed started as a small pet supplies store in Brisbane in 2005.  It started from the passion Sarah had to build a pet shop that she would want to shop at herself, where not only customer care but pet care was the top priority.  We wanted a pet store that didn't try to sell people things they didn't need - a pet store that listened to its customers and tried to provide them with good advice and options to help them to choose what was best for their pet and their own situation.

The really early days were all about spending time talking to our customers and working with them to answer their questions and solve their problems.  We're also an independent store - so we're not tied to a set list of suppliers.  We worked hard with suppliers large and small to find the best and most innovative products.

In 2009 we had out-grown our original store and moved to much larger premises in Morningside.  We also expanded our range and our staff. Our core principles have never changed however-  the customer and their pets are always our first priority.

Our Online Store Starts in 2006

After the success of our original "bricks and mortar" store, we decided to open our first online store in 2006.  We were determined to set our online store up with the same level of customer service as our physical store:  To provide a great range of products; to be available to answer questions and offer advice; and to serve people as best and as fast as we could. We revamped out our online store a couple of years later and the online store continues to grow from strength to strength.

Just For Pets

Pets Unleashed is a proud member of the Just For Pets family.  Just For Pets is Australia’s largest group of independent pet retailers. Proudly representing over 65 stores around the country who trade under their original shop names and actively support their local communities. Being a member of Just For Pets brings to our customers the best products and services on offer as well as great prices and expert training for our staff.

So Who are the People of Pets Unleashed

Here are the staff of Pets Unleashed. We are all passionate pet owners and have many different pet and retail specialities:

Matt is our Store Manager in charge of overall Shop and Online management day to day.  Matt  has kept and  worked with many pets and aquariums for a number of years. He has several large aquariums of his own and also keeps turtles, blue tongues, frogs, several species of birds. Matt is a friendly and likeable guy who can answer questions on all things great and small.

Jesse is our Aquarium Specialist.  Jesse has worked for many years in the aquarium industry and is our 'fish expert'.  Got an aquarium question or problem - then Jesse is the man for you!

We also have a number of very experienced casuals - currently Kaitlyn & Chelsea along with Mike.   Who together own and care for a whole range of pets and help out across the board with certificates in animal studies. 



Local Access

Pets Unleashed are proudly a part of the House Call Doctor Local Access program.